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Feeling lonely? Need to vent? Have ideas?

As the saying goes, "a problem shared is a problem halved," and with two-thirds of Americans feeling stressed out, and a similar amount experiencing loneliness, there’s plenty of reasons for us to be talking. But sometimes it's easier said than done — we can't always find someone to talk to.

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Whether you need to vent or just feel a little less lonely, our listening services are low-cost and accessible to all at the touch of a few buttons.

    In what ways do we help you feel comfortable talking about your feelings?
  • We “Listen” actively
  • We don't interrupt
  • We listen without judging, or jumping to conclusions
  • We don't start planning what to say next
  • We engage in conversation if requested
  • We simply stay quiet and listen when you want to vent

Talking to Gary about something upsetting may help you to:

  • Sort through the problem.
  • See the situation more clearly.
  • Look at the problem in a new or different way.
  • Release built-up tension – this can help you to gain new insight into the situation that is causing the problem.